Universal Journal of Educational Research Vol. 8(1), pp. 134 - 142
DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2020.080116
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Integrative Processes of Different Levels in Secondary Vocational Education

Svetlana Soloveva 1, Oksana Miniakhmetova 2, Anna Kivileva 2, Yelena Gitman 3,4,*
1 Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, Solikamsk Soсio-Pedagogical College named after A.P. Ramensky, Russia
2 Department of Pedagogy, Regional Polytechnic College, Chernushka, Russia
3 Faculty of Humanitarian, Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Russia
4 Department for Education and Psychology, Perm State Humanitarian-Pedagogical University, Russia


The article analyzes the integration processes in vocational education at different levels. At the first level, the integration of education system organizations and the professional system are considered as the implementation of dual education, which allow adjusting practical training to the real production, thus ensuring the introduction of students to professional activities. The second level concerns the intraprofessional integration. The competitive activity of professional educational organizations is considered as an example. The integration of the content of natural science and professional cycle disciplines in the learning process within a certain specialty is revealed when considering the third level. The purpose of the research presented in the article is to identify the integrative processes of different levels in secondary vocational education.

Vocational Education, Educational Technologies, Competence, Integration, Dual Education, Competitive Activities, Interdisciplinary Integration, Problem-based Learning

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Svetlana Soloveva , Oksana Miniakhmetova , Anna Kivileva , Yelena Gitman . "Integrative Processes of Different Levels in Secondary Vocational Education." Universal Journal of Educational Research 8.1 (2020) 134 - 142. doi: 10.13189/ujer.2020.080116.