Universal Journal of Educational Research Vol. 8(1), pp. 119 - 126
DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2020.080114
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Readiness in Implementing Student-centred Learning (SCL): An Insight to Developing a Problem-based Learning (PBL) Module

Mohamad Termizi Borhan 1,2,*, Salmiza Saleh 2, Agnes Tan Shek Li 1, Eng Tek Ong 1
1 Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Malaysia
2 School of Educational Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia


Focus of current Malaysia Education Blueprint (2013–2025) is on SCL. The blueprint can serve as a good reference material but implementing SCL is largely on the shoulders of the school administrators and senior teachers involved in decision making. This paper aims to unravel the readiness of a Malaysian secondary school to implement and adopt SCL. The findings were subsequently used to provide insight on the development of a problem-based learning (PBL) module for a secondary science curriculum. This paper concerns a case study research which was conducted in a national type secondary school. The sample involved in this study was school administrators and senior science teachers. In-depth, semi-structured interviews were carried out to gain detailed information on the school's readiness to implement SCL. Interviews were transcribed and cross-case comparisons were made to compare and contrast the participants' responses before themes across the interviews data were generated. Three main themes were derived from the analysis, namely (i) knowledge and awareness on SCL, (ii) optimism towards SCL, and (iii) challenges and misinterpretation on SCL. This information provides insights into developing a PBL module specific for Malaysian science curriculum that contains the elements of PBL scenario, facilitations, training, PBL guide and support. Significance: This paper proposes insights for PBL module development that derived from empirical research findings. Therefore, the insights are well grounded and reflective of the current practice of SCL in school which in turn translate into it is effectiveness and feasibility.

Problem-based Learning (PBL), School Readiness, Student-centred Learning, School Administrators

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Mohamad Termizi Borhan , Salmiza Saleh , Agnes Tan Shek Li , Eng Tek Ong . "Readiness in Implementing Student-centred Learning (SCL): An Insight to Developing a Problem-based Learning (PBL) Module." Universal Journal of Educational Research 8.1 (2020) 119 - 126. doi: 10.13189/ujer.2020.080114.