Universal Journal of Educational Research Vol. 7(8), pp. 1814 - 1819
DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2019.070820
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Design in Spanish Higher Education: Competences and New Technologies

Sheila Gonzalez Mardones *
Department of Visual Arts and Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona, Spain


In Spain, education in the field of design is not clearly structured and fails to dovetail with current legal and professional reality in terms of the profiles and competences that are offered. This article presents a structured set of competences aimed at undergraduate, university-level, programs that is well-adjusted to the professional accreditation system and establishes a structure and classification that is specific and relevant to this field. This will serve as a starting point for the analysis of the unique characteristics of higher education design programs in the setting of the new paradigm brought about by technological change, considering what new information and communication technologies bring to the process, particularly in online education platforms.

Graphic Design, Competences, Education, Professional Structure, Online Education

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