Universal Journal of Educational Research Vol. 7(7), pp. 1595 - 1611
DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2019.070714
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Multi-faceted Professional Development Designs for Science Teachers' Self-efficacy for Inquiry-based Teaching: A Critical Review

Kumudu Seneviratne 1,*, Junainah Abd Hamid 2, Ali Khatibi 2, Ferdous Azam 2, Sepali Sudasinghe 3
1 Faculty of Education, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
2 School of Management, Management and Science University, Malaysia
3 Management and Science University Colombo Learning Centre, Sri Lanka


This review's overarching goal is to synthesize what the research tells us about the impact of teacher professional development programs for both pre-service and in-service science teachers' self-efficacy for the enactment of inquiry-based instruction (IBI) in the classroom. This in-depth critical review attempts to illuminate insights and direction of multi-faceted Professional Development Designs (PDDs) in relation to two eminent research fields in science education; self-efficacy and inquiry-based teaching(IBT). It involves a computerized, web-based search of relevant studies mainly consisting of academic and peer-reviewed journals and well-known book chapters. 43 empirical studies that met specific search criteria were selected for the review based on indications of the reputation of the research and recent impacts factors. Additionally, the methodological aspect is considered to draw a more complete and holistic view of the related studies regarding self-efficacy and inquiry-based science teaching. The prominent implications of the review were the mediator or moderator effect of self-efficacy in the relationship of professional development interventions and the enactment of inquiry-based science teaching, particularly, for pre-service teachers and the broader understanding of the nature of PDDs either form of science content courses or science methods courses. Out of which, deep understanding of scientific inquiry, strong practical experience with designing, developing, implementing and assessing IBT, and skills for guiding and organizing students to conduct inquiry activities were found to be key features of PDDs. Other functional and methodological implications are also pointed out for further research related to the effects of different innovative professional learning communities promoting the self-efficacy beliefs for inquiry-based teaching in science.

Professional Development Designs, Self-efficacy, Inquiry-based Science, Pre-service, In-service

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Kumudu Seneviratne , Junainah Abd Hamid , Ali Khatibi , Ferdous Azam , Sepali Sudasinghe . "Multi-faceted Professional Development Designs for Science Teachers' Self-efficacy for Inquiry-based Teaching: A Critical Review." Universal Journal of Educational Research 7.7 (2019) 1595 - 1611. doi: 10.13189/ujer.2019.070714.