Universal Journal of Educational Research Vol. 7(2), pp. 609 - 623
DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2019.070234
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Community based Financial Practices for Proliferation of Access to Higher Education in Kenya's Asal Regions: A Pointer to Enhancing Peace in the Region

Dr. Clement O. Olando 1, Muinde Kimuyu 2,*
1 SBE, Mount Kenya University, Kenya
2 Kensoft Institute of Technology


Adequate and quality higher education is important for enhancing peace in most countries as well as among neighbouring communities. However, financial barriers deny Kenyan ASAL communities from accessing higher levels of education, limiting their access to the education necessary for enjoy benefits associated with education such as; employment, adequate incomes and earnings, respectable social status and assured economic security. Limited access to education instead escalates the poverty levels and encourages competition for scarce resources across the vulnerable communities. Prolonged competition for rare resources fuels disputes and conflicts between these communities, threatening peaceful coexistence amongst communities in these area. There is therefore the need for adoption of immediate financial strategies to bridge the gap between basic education and access to higher education for peace to prevail. The present study was, as a result, conducted to provide recommendations for ameliorating the persistent conflicts and disputes and consequently provide a platform for peace enhancement in the areas. The study used correlational analysis and purposively sampled 108 parents from Kajiado Central Sub County with children in secondary schools. The data was collected from primary sources using a structured questionnaire and analysed using; quantitative analysis to produce descriptive statistics, correlation analysis and regression analysis for estimating a study model. The study findings reveals that at 5% (0.05) significance level; each of; diversified sources of funds, resource investment strategy, proficiency of financial knowledge, and financial endowment has positive significant impact on proliferation of access to higher education in Kenya’s ASAL regions. The study recommends that the communities in the Kenya’s ASAL regions should adopt the community based financial practices through setting common financial pool. The main goals of the pool should investing the funds to generate sufficient income for support school operations and paying for educational services of all the learners fin that community. The community based financial practices should; identify diversified strategies for sourcing funds to support access to education, adopt effective resource investment strategies, employ competent staff to manage their funds, and nurture financial endowment approach. The study suggests that empowering the Kenya’s ASAL regions academically would nurture a dependable and sustainable workforce as well as empower the community to create employment, alleviating persistent clashes and eventually enhancing peace.

Access to Higher Education, Community Based Financial Practices, Diversified Sources of Funds, Peace Enhancement, Proficiency of Financial Knowledge, Resource Investment Strategy, Financial Endowment

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Dr. Clement O. Olando , Muinde Kimuyu . "Community based Financial Practices for Proliferation of Access to Higher Education in Kenya's Asal Regions: A Pointer to Enhancing Peace in the Region." Universal Journal of Educational Research 7.2 (2019) 609 - 623. doi: 10.13189/ujer.2019.070234.