Universal Journal of Educational Research Vol. 7(2), pp. 387 - 393
DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2019.070211
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Effective Teacher Immediacy Behaviors Based on Students' Perceptions

Mehmet Akif Sözer *
Faculty of Education, Gazi University, Turkey


The aim of this research is to determine effective teacher immediacy behaviors based on students' perceptions. The research is designed within descriptive survey model. The sample of this study was formed of via random sampling method, which covers 382 students from 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade from elementary schools. "Teacher Immediacy Behaviors Scale" which was developed by Crump (1996) and adapted by the researcher was used in the research in order to collect data. Research results show that out of twelve teacher immediacy behaviors, nine were found to be effective and important by students with "friendly smiling" ranked as the most effective and "physical appearance" as the least effective. The behaviors of "eye contact", "friendly smiling", and "personal examples" differed significantly in favor of male students according to gender variable. It can be observed from the result of this study that teachers' behaviors have impact on students.

Teacher Immediacy Behaviors, Verbal Immediacy Behaviors, Nonverbal Immediacy Behaviors

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