Sociology and Anthropology Vol. 7(2), pp. 76 - 83
DOI: 10.13189/sa.2019.070203
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Marital Sex in the Light of Genesis 2:21-25 as Lesson to Single Youths

Chisom S. Ugwuewo *
Department of Religion and Cultural Studies, University of Nigeria, Nigeria


This research reveals that non-marital sexual escapade which is frowned at by most religions of the world such as Judaism and Christianity, is as now practised and advocated by youths including Christians among them. Sexual relationship is morally and legally accepted within the circle of holy matrimony. Any other attempt of such practice outside marriage is not only an immoral act but a sacrilege. It is not a new trend that boyfriend and girlfriend relationship is now advocated by young people including Christians. As a result of this moral decadence, the following become the order of the day: illicit sex, abortion, prostitution, spiritual backwardness and other related vices. The researcher posits that acceptance of exegetical lessons from Gen 2:21-25 by Christians including youths can be part of solution to these enumerated problems. In this text, emphasis is placed on the reservation and restriction of sexual intercourse for married couples only. It is recommended that if unmarried Christians would maintain this belief there would be restoration of moral and healthy society for unstoppable development. This work employs Narrative method of biblical exegesis in order to attempt a thorough analysis of the text for better understanding and right application.

Morality, Christians, Young People, Sexual Intercourse, Marriage, Man, Woman

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