Universal Journal of Educational Research Vol. 1(4), pp. 318 - 322
DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2013.010407
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Engaging Professionals: Investigating in Service Teachers Use of Formative Classroom Assessment

Muhammad Arshad Tariq *
Department of Education, Room No. 17, Govt. Islamia College Civil Lines, Lahore


This study examined in-service teachers use of formative classroom assessment (FCA) approach. The research aimed at to achieve following three major objectives: (a) to identify in-service teachers’ comprehension of determining the purpose of formative classroom assessment. (b) to investigate teachers’ use of process and techniques of assessment in classroom. (c) to examine ways in-service teachers provide feedback and report on students’ performance. The questionnaire based on literature review was distributed to the elementary school teachers for gathering data. Validity of the questionnaire was evaluated by experts. The instrument reliability coefficient was 0.71. Descriptive statistics percentage, mean and standard deviation were used to analyze the data. It was found that teachers (92.1%) assigned homework; (82.3%) gave teacher-made tests and (88.2%) assessed students after completing the lessons as effective techniques of FCA. Teachers (82.4%) provided oral feedback to students and (74.5%) reported results to students than other stakeholders of students’ learning. It was also found that FCA developed the learning of students and improved the practice of teaching in the classroom. Further study may be carried out to explore the problems faced by teachers during using the formative classroom assessment approach through qualitative method of research.

Formative Classroom Assessment, Purpose, Process, Technique, Feedback, Reporting, Students’ Learning, Teaching Practice, Professional

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