Advances in Economics and Business Vol. 7(1), pp. 24 - 30
DOI: 10.13189/aeb.2019.070103
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The Question of Food Security in Algeria: Between the Collapse of Petrol Price and the Growing Needs of the Population

Chaib Baghdad *
Faculty of Economics, Management, Commerce and Finance, University of Tlemcen, Algeria


Algeria is mostly known and defined as an economy based entirely on the hydrocarbon sector, essentially the oil. It based mostly on the revenues transferred by this sector when the world prices are judged favorable for the exports countries, as it is the case with this country, meaning that the question of funding any economic program or project is handing upon the revenues from the oil markets. In this sense, the food policy or security is following the move and the fluctuations of this market, since the country needs to find the right amount to be consecrated to this question, especially when it is a question to import the required volume in order to respond to the increasing demand from the domestic customers and local markets. For this, we will try, in this paper, to examine and study this subject of food security in this country, taking into account its economic specificities and characteristics, and also the nature of its consumers markets. Since the problem is not only to analyze this confrontation, but to find out the policy or strategy to be adopted and set up in this new context of decreasing the financial revenues from the petrol market. Since June 2014, it has been announced that such revenues have decreased for about 60% from this period, with all the impacts, consequences and effects on the question of financing projects, including thus matter of food security and also food policy. The question of food policy is linked with agricultural sector and the majority of population living in bad economic and social conditions, meaning that the State is strongly recommended to establish a strong strategy regarding this matter.

Food Policy, Food Security, Algeria, Prices, Oil Revenues, Strategy

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