Universal Journal of Educational Research Vol. 6(11), pp. 2597 - 2603
DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2018.061125
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11 Steps Process as A Research Method

Dr. Selami Sönmez *
Department of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Education, Atatürk University, Turkey


Descartes expresses his opinion on the method very clear with the quote: "The whole secret of the method; starting from the circle and gradually going up the steps to the most complicated ". When it is thought that the knowledge of the absolute and unchanging truth in the positive sciences has not yet been reached, it should not be forgotten that people are still working on the knowledge that is closer to what the majority agree with and on the knowledge that should be known. So, the most striking variables that can prove that the scientific information produced is the closest value to the truth are research methods and techniques. Mankind has not shown the success in producing the knowledge in didactics and research methodology. The purpose of this study is; is to add a new scientific research method called "11 Steps". "11 Steps" basically consists of 11 stages that complement each other as a method of discussion. This phased classification is as follows: Manifestation, Description, Prediction, Investigation, Determination, Diagnosis, Verification, Treatment, Reinforcement, Progress, and Tracking. 11 Steps Scientific Research Method does not ends with the “Tracking”, the 11th stage; however, it takes a process in which the researcher periodically turns back to the first stage for the control of the possibility that the problem can repeat. The new research method that was developed has not been used in this evaluation format before and no research has been done. This model reflects the understanding of “from the tradition to the future” which will add depth to the scientific studies. This research is a descriptive study and the scan is structured in the model. This study, which is in the historical research design, will gain a new methodology, "11 Steps" method, which is based on the deficiencies determined from existing and obtained information and documents. In the first part of the research, information was given to the extent to which the operational concept related to the purpose, methodology, method and technique of the research was included, and the importance of the research was emphasized. In this regard, expert opinions are also mentioned and methods and methodologies to be followed in scientific research are emphasized. In the second part, a candidate for becoming a scientific research technique, the "11 Steps" research process was introduced, analyzed and evaluated. This model, in the form of gradual classification of this structure, which is a schematized and meaningful model, by going out of the archaic values and becoming a precondition with a taxonomic approach, will be very meaningful for the science community

11 Steps Model, Scientific Research Method, Methodology in Scientific Research, Scientific Research Approaches

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