Sociology and Anthropology Vol. 6(10), pp. 794 - 812
DOI: 10.13189/sa.2018.061005
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Globalization and the Question of African Identity

Damian Ilodigwe *
Saints Peter and Paul Major Seminary, Bodija, Ibadan and University of Ibadan, Nigeria


A prominent feature of the contemporary society in the last couple of decades is the phenomenon of globalization. While globalization has brought immense benefits to Africa on the one hand, Africa's entrance into and participation in the global scene has also precipitated a crisis of confusion and identity for Africa–a situation which is analogous to the effect of her encounter with colonialism, so that unless the dialectic of identity and difference that inevitably arises from this situation is constructively managed, it will be difficult for Africa to make the best of the opportunities inherent in globalization. Given that no one can make the best of any opportunity for interaction with others unless one is clear about one's identity and priorities, a major challenge Africa has to address in the context of globalization is the need to assume personal responsibility in defining her priorities and interests such as to allow these to inform her engagement with the various participants in the global world. More often than not, the Achilles heel of Africa is lack of clear focus in respect of her priorities as well as failure to allow her interests to drive her engagement with other participants in the global system. To reverse the situation of dependency which this mode of operation fosters, we argue that, Africa not only needs to relocate her locus of control internally and put in place a strong regime of internal democracy based on rule of law to tackle the menace of corruption and mismanagement that have undermined development initiatives since independence, but more importantly Africa needs to be allowed to assert itself by ensuring certain equity, justice and balance in the inner workings of the International System so that the environment is enabling and not paralyzing as far as the operation of various stakeholders within the system is concerned especially African countries.

Globalization, Identity, Development, Democracy, Imperialism and Neo-colonialism

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