Universal Journal of Educational Research Vol. 6(8), pp. 1729 - 1737
DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2018.060814
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Preparatory School Students' English Language Learning Motivation: A Sample from Turkey

Cennet Altıner *
Uşak University, Uşak, 64200, Turkey


Motivation is one of the most crucial factors in language learning achievement and it should be taken into account for a good language education program. However, research has shown that language teachers often do not have enough knowledge about students' specific motivations for studying second language. Hence, the main goal of this study is to explore Turkish EFL learners' motivation in studying a second language. Also, the relationships between learners' motivation and different variables such as gender, interest in continuing English language learning and achievement scores were investigated. A total of 105 voluntary English learners enrolled in a preparatory school participated in this study. Wen's [1] motivation questionnaire was adopted in order to investigate the motivation of English language learners. With regard to gender differences in language learning motivation, this study found no significant difference between female and male students in their English learning motivation. Secondly, the findings revealed that it is highly possible for learners who possess positive attitudes towards L2 culture, appreciate their learning context, and follow the cultural media to continue their language learning in their lives. Lastly, positive learning attitudes/experience and intended efforts were found to have the greatest influence on participants' latest English midterm scores.

Motivation, Gender, Group Differences

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