Sociology and Anthropology Vol. 6(8), pp. 657 - 664
DOI: 10.13189/sa.2018.060804
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The Nigerian Entertainment Industry (Nollywood) Culture and Society Being

Yosi Apollos Maton 1,2,*
1 Deputy Provost of the Theological College of Northern Nigeria, Nigeria
2 The University of Jos, Nigeria


The fight for independence was carried out with a lot of zeal, which the populace embraced with high hopes that these ideologies and promises of our great nationalists would come to fruition within the shortest time possible. Yet, times, opportunities and years have come and gone, still we have nothing or little to show, especially, in the 21st century scenario, where Africa dreams and hopes have been shattered. These ideologies seem unrealistic and the promises are not forth coming. It has little to show except bad governance, crisis, violence, poverty, oppression, marginalization and the moral decay of our rich cultural values and societal structures. One is left with the vexing questions: Where have our great nationalists gone wrong? If indeed their ideologies and promises were realistic, why have the people not grasped their vision and mission, especially the case of the Nigerian entertainment Industry (Nollywood)? Why is it that their creativity promoting very little of these ideologies? Why do they still portray the mentality that they are still puppets in the hands of the colonial master since most of their creativity promotes little of our rich positive cultures and values? Are they not aware that they have tools in their hands that can go a long way to promote those ideologies and fulfill these promises and fan the flame of nation building and promotes its cultural heritage and values until we are there? Why must this great and powerful tool be used as agent of destruction of the Nigerian society and its rich cultural values? Can't they think of lasting legacies that posterity can tell? The paper looks at the brief historical and geographical background of Nigerian society , its ethnic groups and its cultures, then went on to discuss Nollywood and her role in consolidating the development of the Nigerian society and its Cultures. It then went on to look at factors that militated against the effectiveness of Nollywood in promoting national development and cultures. The paper then profers ways forward and round up with a conclusion.

Entertainment Industry, Culture, Values, Society and Development

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