Sociology and Anthropology Vol. 6(8), pp. 644 - 649
DOI: 10.13189/sa.2018.060802
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Pre-retirees' Plan Prior to Retirement of the Local Government Employees in the Province of Palawan

Edison C. Gabileo *
College of Business and Management, Western Philippines University, Palawan, Philippines


The main objective of this study was to determine the pre-retirees' plan prior to retirement of the local government employees in the province of Palawan with the following specific objectives: identify the financial; health; social; financial, social, family and spiritual plans of pre-retirees prior to retirement; and suggestions of officials that can help meet the needs of pre-retirees in the LGU. On pre-retirement financial plan: plan the type of GSIS retirement option which will be more advantageous to them by asking advice from GSIS as to which of these retirement options to choose and plan to use expertise to continue earning even when retired; on the pre-retirement health plan was to practice healthy habits and recreational activities that are found in community; the family plan was to consider the spouse and immediate family members during pre-retirement planning and consult legal experts before executing wills and probate to inheritors before retirement; while on social plan: help the needy by joining community and civic organizations; the psychological plan was searching for a life-long learning by vicariously living the lives of people who have survived life's battles and traveling to sacred places (such as the Holy Land in Israel, grottos, Micah, Vatican in Rome and local churches) for spiritual plan; the conclusions was the pre-retirees' plan were all "well-planned" in selected well-being elements of pre-retirement, specifically in the areas of financial and health; but only "planned" in social, family and psychological; and the recommendations was provide a complete pre-retirement on financial, health, social, psychological, family and spiritual program in the local government units.

Retirees, Pre-retirement Financial, Health, Social, Psychological, Family and Spiritual Plan, LGU (Local Government Units)

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