Sociology and Anthropology Vol. 6(7), pp. 563 - 570
DOI: 10.13189/sa.2018.060701
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Empowerment Dynamics and Socio-economic Development: "Relevance to Women in Developing Societies"

Joseph Kwasi Brenyah *
Centre for Social Policy Studies, University of Ghana, Ghana


Socio-economic vulnerability has gradually gained roots within societies due to inequalities. Most individuals are not able to defend their rights, particularly the poor. Many people with potential have not been able to take up opportunities in life due to a lack of empowerment. Empowering vulnerable groups such as women may be the best way to overcome circumstances such as poverty, poor educational opportunities and social exclusion tendencies. This study identified the various approaches to empowerment, ascertained the association between empowerment and some socio-economic aspects of human life. This study was a systematic review, underpinned by the Middle Range Theory of Community Empowerment. The study noted that, empowerment is not the power granted to an individual or group but rather the measures taken for a person to acquire knowledge, power and skills leading to change in a phenomena. The study revealed that, despite efforts in empowering individuals particularly, women, factors such as educational status, cultural and social factors, health systems and ineffective social protection intervention programmes inhibit the various empowerment processes. The study recommended the need to create fiscal space to fund social protection interventions, give up some outmoded social and cultural practices, and provide education especially for young women.

Empowerment, Dynamics, Socio-economic, Development, Women, Societies

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Joseph Kwasi Brenyah . "Empowerment Dynamics and Socio-economic Development: "Relevance to Women in Developing Societies"." Sociology and Anthropology 6.7 (2018) 563 - 570. doi: 10.13189/sa.2018.060701.