Sociology and Anthropology Vol. 6(6), pp. 557 - 562
DOI: 10.13189/sa.2018.060606
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Techniques of Educational Broadcasting in Distance Mode and Its Social Implication

KM Tajbiul Hasan *
Dhrupad Communication-media for Education & Development, Bangladesh


Education in distance mode by broadcasting media is still most convenient and cost effective to expand and ensure education for all. To impart education in distance mode through the broadcasting media have some basic fundamentals. A success of educational broadcasting fully depends on the appropriate selection of script for accurate people. Thus, it is an essential component of teaching-learning strategies to achieve various national goals—socioeconomic and cultural. The fundamentals of script writing for educational Television and Radio are same. That is-To whom (Listeners/ Viewers), what (Contests) and what for (Educational goal). Writing for radio and television is very different due the technical and imagination perspective. Both media has its own style and mode of presentation. Education through radio should be very distinct, direct and define. Complex topic, sentences & words, which create confusion to the listeners, should try to avoid in all concern. On the other hand, like educational radio programs, television programs have the same formats with some extra benefits to add dances, animation, and computer graphics etc. Television has lot of scope to describe the topic in various ways due to its visual support that's why it seems to be flexible than radio. Today these two electronic media stands for development and cooperation. New forms of communication media like –Internet, multimedia or mobile phone are considered to the very effective media for distance education. These most advanced technologies may not be applicable for all countries like Bangladesh due to the social-economic condition. So, in Bangladesh considering the social economic reality government has been using radio and television broadcasting for distance education broadly since the last two decades. A significant result has already been achieved in the field of mass education of Bangladesh.

Education Technique, Social –Economic Aspects, Effectiveness and Significance

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