Universal Journal of Educational Research Vol. 6(2), pp. 257 - 264
DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2018.060207
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Analyzing the Types of Discrimination in Turkish for Foreigners Books

Ezgi Agcihan 1,*, Asiye Toker Gokce 2
1 Education Management Department, Institution of Social Studies, Kocaeli University, Turkey
2 Faculty of Education, Kocaeli University, Turkey


Textbooks might be one of the main resources of teachers even today however there have been many changes in education media and Technologies. Especially language course books used in foreign language teaching can be the basic source of learning when the target language is not spoken in the country where the language is thought. Thus, it can be mentioned that the resources used in education, indirectly play an important role in shaping the historical, cultural and social perception of the learners. By the way, as textbooks especially language textbooks should be considered as one of the important items in education, and they should be designed as free of stereotypical and ideological sources, discriminative expression and offer objective information. However, It is an indisputable fact that the cultural heritage of the textbooks and its contribution to transfer the values to the future generations, It is argued that the explicit or implicit messages in text books may lead to social polarization and the formation of societal mental boundaries and the stereotypical beliefs in society. Although discrimination is a concept in educational researches on discrimination in text books is limited to militarism and sexism. So the aim of this research to analyze the Turkish Language Text Books according to the discrimination types - age, race, ethnicity, disability, color, sexism, sexual orientation, property, religion, belief, language, addiction, social class, differentiation, occupation, pregnancy, individual differences, marital status- which is declared in European Non Discrimination Law by European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. The aim of this research to analyze the Turkish Language Textbooks for Foreigners to answer the questions stated below by using a content analyzing scale according to the types of discrimination: 1.Are there discriminatory expressions in written and vocalized texts? 2. Are there elements of discrimination in the visuals (graphics, pictures)?

Text Books, Discrimination, Bias and Prejudges

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