Sociology and Anthropology Vol. 6(2), pp. 203 - 212
DOI: 10.13189/sa.2018.060202
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Albanian Cultural Heritage in Digital Area

Dr. Etleva Domi *
National Library of Albania, Albania


Living in the new era of "Bridging the Digital Divide: making the world's cultural and scientific heritage accessible to all", the article aims to present the mission of Albanian librarian community as a "builder" of "virtual cultural bridges" between the past and present, - by focusing mainly to the National Library of Albania. Such article provides a shortly background information on the technological revolution development in Albania and increased clients/users attention to digital information and/or digital content in the rich cultural environment where we are leaving. The author pays attention to Albanian National Library Strategy as the keeper of National Memory, its role in the knowledge age of Internet, its initiatives/projects in the national or international level, its achievements in building the Albanological Digital Library (e-Albanica), as well as its impact on the broader librarian community. Focusing on Albanian librarians' efforts to make available on-line at anytime and anywhere the cultural resources for all users,- even for the generations to come,- the study provides the promotion of Albanian richness cultural heritage in the world portals of present time, as well as the preserving of the cultural and scientific treasure. As a conclusion, the "Albanian Cultural Heritage by a click of mouse" is a "new channel" in the universe of knowledge breaking the concept of "physical boundaries", "building bridges" and "connecting cultures across the world".

Digital Libraries, Albanian Heritage, Access to Information, Digitization

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