Sociology and Anthropology Vol. 6(1), pp. 107 - 115
DOI: 10.13189/sa.2018.060110
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Student Beliefs: Thought as a Mean to Improve Human Coexistence

Miguel Monroy Farías 1,*, Mónica Díaz Pontones 2
1 School of Higher Studies Iztacala, National Autonomous University of Mexico, México
2 Autonomous University of Mexico City, Mexico


Based on the complexity theory, it is possible to understand the diversity of elements and connections involved in human coexistence. From the systemic point of view, the development of thought processes which are strategic, creative, critical or argumentative, is an element of dignified coexistence, because it favors dialogue, debate or consensus. But attitudes of respect, tolerance and support for human plurality in terms of ways of thinking, feeling and living are also essential. The research assumption is that teaching thinking skills and attitudes could lead to intelligent and respectful behavior in human coexistence. Specifically, college students' beliefs about the need to promote different ways of thinking were analyzed. This is a qualitative phenomenological research. Students from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (Group A) and the Autonomous University of Mexico City (Group B) were investigated about their beliefs on how the development of thought contributes to social coexistence, specifically about creative thinking, strategic thinking, critical thinking and argumentative thinking. Results: the beliefs of students who think creatively lead to a problem solving social interaction, or a thinking about a better world. Thinking in a convenient way allows you to combat violence or improve human communication. Thinking critically helps analyze whether actions are suitable for human coexistence and among others, if we reflect to analyze whether we act in a relevant way or on the importance of the benefits of the rest of the thinking skills and abandonment of mediocrity.

Student Beliefs, Thinking Skills, Cognitive Processes, Human Coexistence, Respect

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Miguel Monroy Farías , Mónica Díaz Pontones . "Student Beliefs: Thought as a Mean to Improve Human Coexistence." Sociology and Anthropology 6.1 (2018) 107 - 115. doi: 10.13189/sa.2018.060110.