Universal Journal of Educational Research Vol. 5(11), pp. 2016 - 2025
DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2017.051118
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Media with Captions and Description to Support Learning among Children with Sensory Disabilities

Juanita Rodriguez, Ed. D 1, Maria Victoria Diaz, M.S.D 2,*
1 College of Education, University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico
2 College of Arts and Humanities, University of Central Florida, United States


The basis of this exploratory research was to study the benefits of using accessible media to enhance students from Hispanic origin with sensory disabilities' reading skills. A mixed method was used to explore the results of the use of captions and description in educational audiovisual content to enhance reading by increasing the vocabulary of students who are sensory disabled (Deaf-D/Hard of Hearing-HH or Visually Impaired-VI/Blind-B) and to motivate them to read by accessing media material. In the intervention teachers of the HH and of the VI/B explored the previous knowledge their students have on the topic presented, and following Discovery en la Escuela strategy for literacy acquisition using media, combined with accessibility features training, students were asked what they know and what they did not know about the video content. This piece aims to provide appropriate attention to the needs of children with sensory disabilities from Hispanic backgrounds through controlled strategies. Accessible media in Spanish to Hispanic students with hearing or visual challenges, open a new alternative to access information that otherwise is unavailable to them. Based on the results of this research study, it is recommended that teachers of students with sensory disabilities, and regular education teachers who have students with sensory disabilities in their classroom, be trained to use this strategy to provide equal access to the information taught.

Captions, Audio Description, Video Description, UDL, Accessibility, Sensory Disabilities, Deaf, Blind, Literacy

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Juanita Rodriguez, Ed. D , Maria Victoria Diaz, M.S.D . "Media with Captions and Description to Support Learning among Children with Sensory Disabilities." Universal Journal of Educational Research 5.11 (2017) 2016 - 2025. doi: 10.13189/ujer.2017.051118.