Universal Journal of Geoscience Vol. 1(2), pp. 90 - 98
DOI: 10.13189/ujg.2013.010208
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Study of Combined Method for Double Frequency Sensing of Liquid Precipitation

Yevgeniy Belov, Stanislav Khomenko, Grygoriy Klopov, Anna Linkova*, Hennadii Rudnev, Oleg Voitovych
Radar department, A. Ya. Usikov Institute for Radiophysics and Electronics of NAS of Ukraine, Kharkov, 61085, Ukraine


The development of combined double frequency method of radar rain sensing and preliminary results of the experimental study of the method are presented. As it was shown the experimental study is in good agreement with calculations and confirms the main conclusions of the theoretical considerations.

Radar Cross Section, Differential Radar Cross-Section, Signal Attenuation, Rain Intensity

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Yevgeniy Belov , Stanislav Khomenko , Grygoriy Klopov , Anna Linkova , Hennadii Rudnev , Oleg Voitovych . "Study of Combined Method for Double Frequency Sensing of Liquid Precipitation." Universal Journal of Geoscience 1.2 (2013) 90 - 98. doi: 10.13189/ujg.2013.010208.