Universal Journal of Educational Research Vol. 5(3), pp. 461 - 471
DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2017.050318
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Emotional Intelligence (EI) A Therapy for Higher Education Students

Robert P Machera 1,*, Precious C Machera 2
1 Department of Accounting and Finance, Faculty of Business and Accounting, University: Botho University, Botswana
2 Department of Finance and Banking, Faculty of Business and Accounting, Imperial School of Business and Science College, Botswana


This study investigates the need to design and develop emotional intelligence curriculum for students in higher education. Emotional intelligence curriculum may be used as a therapy that provides skills to manage high emotions faced by generation "Y", on a day to day basis. Generation "Y" is emotionally challenged with: drug abuse, family abuse, sexual abuse, and relationship problems and other challenges. This curriculum assists students to boost their own emotional intelligence by learning how to cope with stresses. The module intends to promote emotional intelligence quotient in future graduates. The skills and techniques for emotional intelligence may be developed throughout someone's life as part of lifelong learning and would form the foundation for a balanced lifestyle. This study investigates to what extend students in higher education are presently exposed to emotional intelligence techniques as part of their curriculum. A survey and a qualitative approach were used to gather data from the students at Botho University who are enrolled in the Bsc Hons in Accounting. The results informed the researchers whether higher education should introduce a curriculum for emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence, Therapy, Society, Stress, Relationship, Students, Generation "Y"

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Robert P Machera , Precious C Machera . "Emotional Intelligence (EI) A Therapy for Higher Education Students." Universal Journal of Educational Research 5.3 (2017) 461 - 471. doi: 10.13189/ujer.2017.050318.