Universal Journal of Physics and Application Vol. 10(5), pp. 157 - 169
DOI: 10.13189/ujpa.2016.100503
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Modern Natural Sciences Could Inspire from Classical Chinese Metaphysics to Better Understand the Nature of Being

Maria Ferancova (Marina Čarnogurská) *
Slovak Philosopher and Sinologue in Retirement, Slovak Republic


According to the latest scientific estimates, all resources needed for survival of Humankind on Earth are already in a deficit of up to one and a half planet! To slow down this rapidly widening deficit we are morally obliged to correct our behaviors not only from one to another but, most of all, toward the Earth! For that reason a radical reevaluation of many misinterpretations in present astrophysics, quantum theory and common natural sciences (also because of some incorrect religious opinions) are required, too. To search for a fundamental model to solve these problems is therefore necessary not only to find the most modern scientific, metaphysical and astrophysical solutions but also with the help of a comparative analysis to consider answers to similar questions by some ancient cultures and civilizations on Earth. Hoping to be inspired in our modern world-view with a willingness to change our misinterpretation of Nature, I present in this paper an analysis of ancient Chinese worldview opinions as they contrast with our present prevalent scientific assumptions. However, all this is quite fatally linked with adopting a true metaphysical knowledge about the real substance of the everlasting Multiverse of being (as well as of our Universe in it) and with our acceptance of its bipolar dialectical patterns of all existing processes within it. Modern science considers only a one-directional, especially linearly occurring fundamental axioms, such as entropy, laws of thermodynamics, or the law of conservation of energy. Ancient Chinese concept of the Great Change explains the Universe as a cyclical, infinite flow of contradictory dialectical transformations of its basic Energy, the Energy which is originally a Nothing/Emptiness, stemming from its antipodal bipolar forces=gravitation which is periodically (but not mechanically) reversing its direction. If its anonymous "Nothing" in the Multiverse/Universe (also in the being of our Earth) is not an absolute "nothing" but if it is that pure Energy, full of movement as well as full of information, permanently changing its antinomic polarizations, we are forced to consider such metaphysical reality and synchronize our existence on Earth with its intrinsic laws.

Fundamental Energy (De), Nothing, Antipodal Bipolar Gravitation, Multiverse, Cyclical Metaphysical–material Coexistence, Law of Energy

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Maria Ferancova (Marina Čarnogurská) . "Modern Natural Sciences Could Inspire from Classical Chinese Metaphysics to Better Understand the Nature of Being." Universal Journal of Physics and Application 10.5 (2016) 157 - 169. doi: 10.13189/ujpa.2016.100503.