Universal Journal of Materials Science Vol. 4(5), pp. 113 - 117
DOI: 10.13189/ujms.2016.040502
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High Temperature Tests for Graphite Materials

E.I. Zhmurikov *
Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics SB, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia


A lot of researchers analyzed reasons for the destruction of the reactor graphite under intense flux of radiation and high temperatures. However, typically, this analysis does not go beyond operating temperatures of graphite reactors that is as usually 800℃ about. In this paper we consider the possibility to predict the life-time of reactor graphite at high temperatures (~2000℃) in principle. Presently appears that the major parameters that affect to the graphite lifetime are the temperature and heating time. High temperature tests were conducted to simulate the heating under the influence of a beam of heavy particles by passing through the sample pulse or AC to study laws of the destruction of a graphite target. Tests carried out in this work have shown the ability to forecast the stability and durability of graphite materials that traditionally used in nuclear engineering at high temperature conditions.

Structure and Properties of Carbon, Graphite Lifetime, Radioactive Ion Beams

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E.I. Zhmurikov , (2016). High Temperature Tests for Graphite Materials. Universal Journal of Materials Science, 4(5), 113 - 117. DOI: 10.13189/ujms.2016.040502.