Chemical and Materials Engineering Vol. 4(3), pp. 33 - 38
DOI: 10.13189/cme.2016.040301
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Kinetic Study on Dodecylbenzene Sulfonation in a Mixed Batch Reactor

Jamal M. Amous *
Chemical Engineering Department, College of Engineering, University of Hail, Saudi Arabia


A mixed batch autoclave reactor was used to investigate the sulfonation reaction kinetics of pure samples of DodecylBenzene (DB). The effect of temperature in the range between 20 and 50℃, and the effect of the concentrations of Sulfur Trioxde and DodecylBenzene upon the sulfonation reaction rate were studied. Two sets of experiments were performed. The first is applying high SO3/DB molar ratio CSO3 /CDB >>1, the second is with high DB/SO3 molar ratio (CDB/CSO3>> 1). It was shown that the sulfonation reaction is a 0.74 order with respect to DB and a 1.59 order with respect to SO3. The reaction rate constant k was determined for both sets. The values determined for the frequency factor and activation energy were as per the following equation: k = 2.2172x103exp{-5207/RgT} (1). The kinetic model for the sulfonation reaction is RD.B = k* (2). The progress of the reaction was determined from SO3 concentration vs. time data conducted at different time intervals. Evaluations of SO3, DB concentrations and reaction rates were based on titrations of the inorganic phase with caustic soda standard solutions.

Sulfonation, Dodecylbenzene, Kinetics, Sulfonic Acid, Homogeneity, Detergents

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Jamal M. Amous (2016). Kinetic Study on Dodecylbenzene Sulfonation in a Mixed Batch Reactor. Chemical and Materials Engineering, 4 , 33 - 38. doi: 10.13189/cme.2016.040301.