Universal Journal of Educational Research Vol. 4(6), pp. 1357 - 1365
DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2016.040613
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The Role of Measuring in the Learning of Environmental Occupations and Some Aspects of Environmental Methodology

Lükő István *
Faculty of Adult Education and Human Resources Development, University of Pecs, Hungary


The Methodology neglected area of pedagogy, within the environmental specialist teaching methodology cultivating the best part is incomplete. In this article I shall attempt to environmental Methodology presented in one part of the University of West Environmental Education workshop, based on the measurement of experiential learning as an important activity and a specific description of the doctoral dissertation. The research aims to explore secondary vocational learning environment's role in the measurement of the textbook use, knowledge and use of the instrument, and analysis methods used in the classroom. The results of these studies are: 1. The digital versatile bag clearly helps the students prepare the measurements. 2. Interviewed schools teachers measuring suitcases field is used the most, which fits into the curriculum and the requirements as well. 3. The topic of measurements than the theoretical structure and operating principle of making instruments also differ – teachers. 4. Mainly in this area can be a very good use of the so-called moving figure method. To sum up, the conclusion is an important work of environmental art measurement that specifies the use of modern ICT-based, interactive methods of theoretical and practical skills development.

World Bank Programme, Measuring as Student's and Teacher's Activity, Enhancing the Measuring Skill, Visualization of Curricular Content

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