Universal Journal of Physics and Application Vol. 10(1), pp. 16 - 21
DOI: 10.13189/ujpa.2016.100104
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Isotopical Band - Gap Opening in Graphene

V.G. Plekhanov *
College of Computer Science, Erika Street 7a, Tallinn, 10416, Estonia


The new era of nanoelectronics on the graphene basis needs the creation of the semiconducting graphene. Numerous attempts to elaborate the semiconducting graphene creation technology meet several difficulties: firstly it is quite expensive; secondly it is technically difficult to produce. In the present paper the based on principle new nuclear semiconducting graphene creation technology is described. The new method is based on the electronic excitations energy renormalization by the strong (nuclear) interaction. Suggested method provides an alternative way to experimentally tune the band - gap of graphene, which would be more efficient and more controllable than other methods that are used to open band - gap in graphene. This method not only opens the isotopical band - gap in graphene but also may throw light on the massless fermion renormalization in graphene.

Isotope Effect, Graphene, Electron - Phonon Interaction, Electrodynamics, Chromodynamics, Mass Renormalization of Massless Fermion

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V.G. Plekhanov . "Isotopical Band - Gap Opening in Graphene." Universal Journal of Physics and Application 10.1 (2016) 16 - 21. doi: 10.13189/ujpa.2016.100104.