Universal Journal of Educational Research Vol. 4(3), pp. 598 - 602
DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2016.040318
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Semiotics in Academic Training of Culturologists

S. T. Makhlina *
Department of Theory and History of Culture, St. Petersburg University of Culture and Art, Russia


The article puts under the scrutiny the problem of academic training of semiotics as a part of higher education in Russia. An author provides an overview of the origins of semiotic science, its place within humanities and culture studies, paying a special attention to a historical and modern situation in Russia. An important role of semiotic ideas, notions and terminology not only in academic spheres but in different areas of modern culture and society is analyzed and clearly stated. As a logical conclusion of theoretic and historic overview and analyze of modern-day situation follows an assertion of necessity of semiotic knowledge for students, particularly culturologists. As a practical result, an author provides reasoning and anticipated results as well as logical structure and content of currently-running academic course on Semiotics in the St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture.

Semiotics, Cultural Studies, Culturology, Academic Course on Semiotics, Higher Education in Russia

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