Advances in Economics and Business Vol. 1(2), pp. 150 - 158
DOI: 10.13189/aeb.2013.010211
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Determinants of Demand for Sweet Potatoes at the Farm, Retail and Wholesale Markets in Kenya

Mohamed Suleiman Mukras, Odondo Juma Alphonce*, Gideon Momanyi
Department of Economics Maseno University Kisumu city-Kenya


Despite the potential of sweet potato in helping to meet Kenya’s food needs and poverty reduction through income generation, detailed information on sweet potato demand relations is unavailable to enable the traders plan their production and marketing activities. Thus, the study examined determinants of demand for sweet potatoes in Kenya with specific reference to Rachuonyo south district and its key market outlets. Out of 166 commercial farmers, fifty five wholesalers and an infinite number of retailers, one hundred and sixteen commercial farmers were selected using simple random sampling technique while 384 retailers were purposively selected. The 55 wholesalers were also included in the sample. Primary data were collected using questionnaires while secondary data were from respondents’ records. ANOVA indicated that demand for sweet potatoes varied significantly across the markets (F = 133.261, p = 0.000), due to differences in magnitude of effects of the independent factors on demand. The study results suggest the need for market segmentation by retailers and directing part of retail purchases to the markets dominated by low income groups, attitude change through awareness creation, financial empowerment of the sellers and selling varieties of sweet potatoes particularly those that are highly preferred by the final consumers.

Kenya, Sweet potato, Demand, Determinants, Wholesale, Retail, Farm, Markets

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Mohamed Suleiman Mukras , Odondo Juma Alphonce , Gideon Momanyi . "Determinants of Demand for Sweet Potatoes at the Farm, Retail and Wholesale Markets in Kenya." Advances in Economics and Business 1.2 (2013) 150 - 158. doi: 10.13189/aeb.2013.010211.