Universal Journal of Physics and Application Vol. 9(3), pp. 141 - 156
DOI: 10.13189/ujpa.2015.090302
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The Higgs Quantum Space Dynamics Generating the Gravitational Dynamics in the Universe

Jacob Schaf *
Institute of Physics, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre-RS, Brazil


The present work makes use of the recent experimental observations, achieved with the help of the tightly synchronized clocks in orbit, together with recent theoretical achievements of the Higgs theory to understand the gravitational physics. According to the Higgs theory, a Higgs quantum condensate, present throughout space, gives mass to the elementary particles by the Higgs mechanism. Hence, this Higgs Quantum Space (HQS) rules the inertial motion of the elementary particles and is locally the ultimate reference for rest and for motions. Many recent experimental observations demonstrate that this HQS is moving round earth and round the sun according to Keplerian velocity fields, consistent with the local main astronomical motions. Inertial motion of matter and propagation of light within this Keplerian velocity field is the quintessence of the gravitational physics. In the velocity field of the sun, the planets are locally very closely stationary with respect to the moving HQS. This explains the null results of the Michelson light anisotropy experiments. It also explains the absence of the gravitational time dilation, due to the solar gravitational potential, on the GPS clocks, which is predicted by General Relativity, but not observed. Inertial motion of bodies within the earth's Keplerian velocity field gives origin to the gravitational acceleration on earth. In the current theories, space itself is idle and plays no active role in the gravitational dynamics. These theories ascribe the whole dynamics to interaction forces, which leads to the actual persistent troubles with gravitation.

Gravity, Gravitational Physics, Gravitational Fields, Gravitational Effects, Higgs Condensate, Higgs Quantum Space

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