Universal Journal of Educational Research Vol. 3(5), pp. 322 - 327
DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2015.030503
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Enhancing Practicum Supervision with Asynchronous and Synchronous Technologies

Yiong Hwee Teo 1,*, Sue McNamara 2, Geoff Romeo 2, Donna Gronn 2
1 National Institute of Education, Nanyang Walk, Singapore
2 Australian Catholic University, Australia


Three video/web conferencing technologies (Pocket Camcorder, Skype, Adobe Connect) were used in regional schools in Australia to determine whether the technologies are appropriate for the needs of the university supervisor, trainee teachers and supervising teachers with regard to practicum teaching placements. Findings revealed that Pocket Camcorders gave good video quality and were very portable but had constraints of limited field of vision and poor sound quality. Skype and Adobe Connect are cross platform, offered good audio and video resolution and were the most appropriate technologies. However supervisors and users need to be aware of limitations. Implications are drawn for professional experience and pedagogy.

Web Conferencing, Pre-service Teacher, Practicum, Field Experience, Remote Observation

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Yiong Hwee Teo , Sue McNamara , Geoff Romeo , Donna Gronn . "Enhancing Practicum Supervision with Asynchronous and Synchronous Technologies." Universal Journal of Educational Research 3.5 (2015) 322 - 327. doi: 10.13189/ujer.2015.030503.