Universal Journal of Educational Research Vol. 3(2), pp. 148 - 153
DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2015.030211
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Practicing Teachers' Perceptions of Teacher Trainees: Implications for Teacher Education

Alice Merab Kagoda 1,*, John Sentongo 2
1 Department of Humanities and Language Education, Makerere University, Uganda
2 Department of Science, Technical and Vocational Education, School of Education, Makerere University, Uganda


Practicing teachers are partners in preparation of teacher trainees. However, little is known about their perceptions of the teacher trainees they receive every year in their schools. Ninety three practicing teachers from twenty schools participated in this study. The objectives were to find out the practicing teachers' perceptions of teacher trainees' behaviors and knowledge of subject content as well as teaching methods they use. Secondly, to find out how teacher trainees' relate to both teaching and non-teaching staff in the schools where they posted and to the students they teach. Thirdly, to assess teacher trainees' participation in extra-curricular activities and any other issues relating to their stay in the schools. Questionnaires and focus group discussions were used to collect data. Results show that practicing teachers perceive teacher trainees as follows; they are fairly good regarding professional ethics, they dress well except some girls who dress poorly, the majority of teacher trainees do not exhibit masterly of the subject matter in their respective subjects and most of them participate in school activities if assigned to do that. Researchers recommend that teacher trainees need more subject matter guidance from their subject lecturers and support from the subject teachers in schools where they do school practice. The idea of team work should be instilled in teacher trainees so that they support one another in schools where they practice from. The School of Education should intensify its relationship with practicing teachers in the process of preparing teachers. The course on professional ethics for teachers should be more practical so that the teacher trainees are properly guided before they graduate.

Practicing Teachers, Teacher Trainees, Teacher Education

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