International Journal of Human Movement and Sports Sciences Vol. 2(5), pp. 85 - 90
DOI: 10.13189/saj.2014.020502
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How the Korean Soap Opera Influence Sri lankan’s Life

Shyama Jinasena *
University of Colombo, Sri Lanka


This research paper determines how, the South Korean soap opera influence sri lankan’s life style. In 2012, Sri lanka Rupavahini cooperation introduced Korean soap opera to the Sri lankan home audience. That selected opera is famous in Korean & worldwide audience. It contains the Korean culture, religion, myths & also the Korean society. In the beginning of this Korean drama series Sri lankan audience was not allowed to observe this opera. Because of the culture, such as language and the era were the reasons it. Sri Lankan audience watched this drama for the first time as a result of their habit of time schedule. To prepare research findings the methodologies used were interviews and questionnaires. In addition attending as a research partner in the sri lankan civil society. How simple television production can be used as s tool for effective social changes & win millions of hearts and minds in the region was researched. Most writers wrote about that series & published newspaper articles and books about the theme of this story. Sri Lankans imitate Korean drama characters by their clothes, culture, walk, religion etc. As a result of the addicted audience Sri lankan market too blindly focused in this process. They introduced hairclip, dresses, shoes, makeup items & accessories. Influences of this drama created a big market potential among the lankan civil society. Likewise tuition masters, businessmen followed using the picture of female characters for their publicity. The hidden truth behind it is that they used the ideology of this soap opera for establishing in the Sri lankan civil society. Korean soap opera had changed the Sri lankan life by the successful characters and ideology.

Soap opera, Culture, Audience, Era, Ideology

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