Universal Journal of Educational Research Vol. 2(6), pp. 454 - 469
DOI: 10.13189/ ujer.2014.020603
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A Participative Approach to Evaluation of Graduates' Professional Outcomes

Renata Clerici 1,*, Maria Castiglioni 1, Valentina Grion 2, Giuseppe Zago 2, Lorenza Da Re 2
1 Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Padova, Italy
2 Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Educational Sciences and Applied Psychology, University of Padova, Italy


This work discusses the professional outcomes of University of Padova graduates in academic year 2007/08. Its aim was to carry out an overall assessment of higher education professional outcomes, involving all the main actors of the learning process, students, teachers and tutors, in a perspective of participatory evaluation, to improve teaching and tutoring. The research design complements qualitative and quantitative approaches to data analysis. First, professional outcomes were analyzed according to longitudinal survey data, on a random sample of 210 graduates in Educational Sciences, interviewed within three years of obtaining their degree. The results of two parallel studies, sequential to the quantitative survey, are presented, involving 98 professors and 10 tutors in evaluation of professional outcomes. In particular, discourse analysis was applied to actors' free answers during semi-structured interviews, which focused on positive aspects and criticism of the courses analyzed, and potential improvements to them.

University Assessment, Professional Outcomes, Quali-Quant Approach, Participatory Evaluation

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Renata Clerici , Maria Castiglioni , Valentina Grion , Giuseppe Zago , Lorenza Da Re . "A Participative Approach to Evaluation of Graduates' Professional Outcomes." Universal Journal of Educational Research 2.6 (2014) 454 - 469. doi: 10.13189/ ujer.2014.020603.