Chemical and Materials Engineering Vol. 2(4), pp. 93 - 95
DOI: 10.13189/cme.2014.020401
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Crystallization Kinetics and Magnetic Properties of Fe40Ni40B20 Amorphous Ribban

Badis Bendjemil 1,2,*, Nasr-eddine Chakri 1, Jamal Bougdira 3, Enzo Ferrara 3, Franco Vinai 3, Marcello Baricco 4
1 LASEA, Dept of Chemistry, University of BadjiMokhtar, 23000 Annaba, Algeria
2 University of 08 mai 1945 Guelma, 24000 Guelma, Algeria
3 INRIM Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica Strada delle Cacce 91 I-10135 Torino Italy
4 Università di Torino, Via P. Giuria 9, 10125 Torino, Italy


Fe-based bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) have been extensively studied due to their potential technological applications and their interesting physical and mechanical properties such as a low modulus of elasticity, high yielding stress and good magnetic properties. In the present work, theamorphous ribbonformation of Fe40Ni40B20 (numbers indicate at. %) with a ribbon form was fabricated by the single roller melt-spinning method. Rapid solidification leads to a fully amorphous structure for all compositions. The thermal properties associated with crystallization temperature of the glassy samples were measured using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) at a heating rate of 10℃/mn. The microstructure and phase formation of the alloy have been analyzed by using X-ray diffractometry (XRD).The effect of high temperature on the isothermal crystallization of Fe40Ni40B20 ribbon was investigated by HTX-ray diffraction. In addition, these ribbon glasses also exhibit good soft magnetic properties with M-H curvature were measured under the magnetic fields between –1 kOe and 1kOe.

Bulk Metallic Glasses, Amorphous Ribbon, DSC, HTXRD Method, Magnetic Properties

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Badis Bendjemil , Nasr-eddine Chakri , Jamal Bougdira , Enzo Ferrara , Franco Vinai , Marcello Baricco (2014). Crystallization Kinetics and Magnetic Properties of Fe40Ni40B20 Amorphous Ribban. Chemical and Materials Engineering, 2 , 93 - 95. doi: 10.13189/cme.2014.020401.