Universal Journal of Educational Research Vol. 2(3), pp. 219 - 222
DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2014.020303
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Assistive Technology and Mathematics Education

Joseph P. Akpan , Lawrence A. Beard *
Assistive Technology and Mathematics Education, Jacksonville State University


Educators and caregivers now have the opportunity to individualize and differentiate instructions with many technological devices never before available. Assistive Technology is being introduced in the classroom at all levels as a tool for teachers to help deliver instruction to all students. Assistive Technology is widely used to ensure appropriate educational opportunities to all students, including ELL students, students at risk, and students being considered as gifted and talented. The purpose of this article is to describe various assistive technology devices as mathematics tools to help all struggling students, not just students with disabilities, overcome math difficulties.

Assistive Technology, Mathematics Education, Mathematics Tools, Technology

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Joseph P. Akpan , Lawrence A. Beard . "Assistive Technology and Mathematics Education." Universal Journal of Educational Research 2.3 (2014) 219 - 222. doi: 10.13189/ujer.2014.020303.